One Pixel, High Resolution

Boom, the sound of the powering on of a generation. Everywhere you go, it is always apparent that people love to go on their phones during times most convenient for them. With such a high demand for these little boxes full of miracles, it would be a waste if a company didn’t take advantage of such a monetary opportunity to sell the people what they love.

Today, the two leading and competing companies in mobile entertainment, improvement, and expansion are Apple and Android. It seems that as of late, Android and Google have teamed up to create a phone that supposedly revolutionizes the way phones are sold today.

Introducing… Pixel; the sleek, fast charging, Google assistant that we see ads for everywhere. It seems like every ad for an Android or new iPhone comes out the first ads always declare how sleek or high power it is, which of course are very important characteristics when one is looking to drop a significant amount of money on a new device.

So what does Pixel offer that would persuade consumers to buy it? Well, to start, what is one issue that phone users face all of the time? How long it takes before they can press their nose in it again while it is charging. One of Pixel’s commonly advertised traits is that roughly 7 hours of battery life can be recharged in only around 15 minutes. Think of all of the things that can be done in 15 minutes while it is charging; going to the bathroom, washing dishes, studying for an important exam etc..

PIxel also introduces your own personal Artificial Intelligence (AI) known as the Google Assistant, which is activated by saying “Ok Google”. We are living in a generation where we can each hold a separate entity capable of telling us if it is going to rain tomorrow instead of having to check the internet ourselves. Technology is revolutionary and it is only around six hundred dollars.

It seems however that Android needs to improve on their advertising techniques when showcasing their latest tech. When asking Juniors Harrison Crawford and Elysia Roman about their thoughts on Pixel, they both expressed blank faces and stated that they know very little about the latest device!   

Per contra, junior David Brown is lucky enough to own the latest piece of tech. When asked on how the phone was, he claimed “ This phone is amazing! It’s crystal clear 4k display and handy google assistant technology is the best thing since memes.”