Android Users at Risk?

This week, WikiLeaks released CIA documents that exposed the agency’s spying tools. They are using smartphones, smart TVs, cars, and computers. According to WikiLeaks, they utilize software like Android, Windows, and iOS to spy on users. Security experts have analyzed this information and found that Androids are most affected by this.

Michael Shaulov, the head of mobile security at Check Point said, “there are a couple of dozen exploits [Android will] need to manage” According to the report, the CIA does not appear to attack Androids later than Android 4.4, but that still leaves millions of users at risk.

A student at Harborfields High School named Rebecca Wong said,”I am happy that the CIA is targeting Androids more than iPhones because I have an iPhone. I also feel bad for people with Androids because the CIA is violating their privacy.”

Although Androids were the main targets for the CIA spying tools, Apple devices were also harnessed for the CIA’s spying. According to Apple’s response, most of the CIA exploits have been fixed. However, not all of susceptibilities on iOS devices have been dealt with.

The government has allowed susceptibilities in electronics to make spying easier.  Shaulov believes that this is only the beginning and that the CIA will only continue to utilize new versions of Androids for spying.

Ava Mock