Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Digital Devices

Now that the first day of spring has finally arrived, many people are now starting to tidy up their homes in the spirit of spring cleaning. When was the last time you cleaned your smartphone?  Many people do not realize how many unused apps they have stored in their digital devices or how many unwanted pictures are taking up storage space in their camera rolls. To make the task a little easier, here are a few tips on how to navigate spring cleaning for your electronics devices.

It can become overwhelming when you have to manage so many different social media accounts on your phone. Simplifying the the number of apps you have on your phone can greatly impact the organization of your device. Try to get as many features as possible packed into one app. For example, Instagram is a very versatile app to install onto your phone. It offers features like private messaging, live streaming, and Instagram stories. Having all of those features in one app can allow you to part with a handful of other apps that you used to use for the same functions.

According to Oprah Winfrey, if you have not worn a pair of shorts in one year then you probably do not need it. This mentality can also be applied to your digital devices. You should not let unused apps collect dust in your phone. Files and apps that you have not used in a long time should probably be sent to trash.

Store and organize your apps neatly. Even if every app that you have is useful and important for your everyday life, there is no use in having apps if you cannot find them. Organize your apps in a way that is easily accessible. Many people find it helpful to place their most used apps on the front home display of their phones, and less used ones at the end. Labeling app folders can also be helpful in organizing apps. Make folders for related apps and label them with their appropriate names. This will make searching for apps faster because everything will be labeled in a specific category.

Turning off all unnecessary notifications can also help clean up your smartphone. Although text and call notifications are important, there are some notifications on our phones that we can go without. It may not be as necessary to have Twitter notifying you about the amount of ‘likes’ you got on your last tweet or a to have a notification reminding you to play Candy Crush. Too many notifications can overwhelm the mind. Going to your settings and turning off your notifications can put your mind at ease and will declutter your smartphone.

Students at Harborfields High School have their own methods of organizing their phones. Freshman Chloe McArthur said, “I usually go through my apps and get rid of what I don’t need and then put them into categories.” Sophomore Danielle Mank said, “I organize my phone by using apps like Power Clean, which cleans out my storage. I also delete photos in the Screenshot album on my camera roll”.

Now you have these spring cleaning tips for decluttering your device, you can have a  fresh start to this spring season in your digital life too.

Ava Mock