Is the iPhone 8 Really That Great?

You’re in class, your phone buzzes from under your lap and you check your texts. Your teacher takes your phone and says that you can get your phone at the end of the day. You are a little annoyed, but how much more annoyed would you be if you had the one-thousand dollar iPhone X?

The rumors of the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X have been thrown around - from holographic phone calls to a “slightly better” camera.  These rumors have now been put to rest, as Apple has just released a snippet of information about their new product.

Apple is making an iPhone 8 and also something a little different, the iPhone X. The iPhone 8 is said to have more durable glass so it is less fragile and dust and water resistant. Sophomore, Gabby Gagliano, has stated “I think the glass will just make the phone look better, I don’t think it will actually have any advantages to the phone and its users.” Apple has stated that due to the new glass back, the iPhone can be charged wirelessly. Apple also said that their speakers are “up to twenty-five percent louder and deliver deeper bass”. The iPhone 8 is going to come in three different colors, space gray, silver, and gold. Although rumors have been said that there will be no touch ID on the iPhone 8, Apple put that rumor to a rest and stated that there will be touch ID on the new iPhone.

The new iPhone X is nothing like any Apple user has seen before. From no home button to a better front-facing camera, this phone is completely different. The phone has all the new features as the iPhone 8 with more advantages. The new camera is said to be crystal clear with maximum stabilization to prevent blurry photos and pickup everything in the frame. This new camera led to the creation of facial recognition in place of touch ID. Your face can now be used as your password for everything on your phone. There’s also a new feature called Animoji. This is where you can take certain emojis and move them so they match your face to “channel your inner panda, pig, or robot.”

The huge talk about the iPhone X is the cost. Starting at $999 it is the most expensive Apple iPhone this far. Junior, Julia De Vita, has stated  “personally I am not a fan, especially with the cost. I have an iPhone 7 now and I thought that was expensive. Although the iPhone X has some new features,  they removed some older significant features like the use of the headphone jack and the home button. It disappointed me that the new iPhone costs almost as much as a macbook.” Another junior, Sophia De Matteo, had a slightly similar viewpoint on this product due to the cost; “I think the price is a little silly, I haven't looked into it that much because I don't want to want something I can't have. But, I've heard it's gonna prevent the issue of texting while driving and I think that's going to be very helpful. Texting and driving is a huge problem in the US. The look of it is a little weird, but maybe that's because I'm used to the regular iPhone. The fact it doesn't have a home button is also a little weird to me and makes me nervous because when I had an iPhone 5s it had accessible touch and it would just do things on its own. So I feel like there is a big chance it might do that. But the camera is super cool and the color is improving which is interesting to me.”

So next time Apple releases a phone, it may just have holographic phone calls and give you teleporting abilities.

Tori Lanner