Artificial Intelligence: Is Alexa Spying On Us?

Amazon’s Alexa is one of the most popular versions of Artificial intelligence. According to Fobes Magazine at the begining of the first 2017 quarter, Amazon Alexa owned 80% of the smart speaker market. You have to wonder, is Alexa spying on us? Is she listening to every word we say?  

So it’s true Alexa does record your conversations. Amazon has said that the Alexa products only record after hearing users say the wake word (‘Alexa’). Even though the device may not be recording, it is always listening.

The Amazon Alexa products are always considered to be ‘on’. Not that it is recording your conversations all of the time but when you say the wake word, ‘Alexa’, it records you then. Amazon says that every conversation is transmitted to the cloud but there is no possible way that it will be transmitted without the wake word being said.

When I asked Sophomore Jenna Forestiero, if she thought that Alexa was spying on her every move and conversation she stated, “I do believe that our conversations are being spied on and recorded. That is why I take the precaution of putting Alexa on mute when I am not using her.”

Overall, Amazon has the power to choose if they record your conversations or not, but there is still no reason to suggest that Alexa is spying on us 24/7, but maybe you should ask “her.”

Madelynn Murray