LISFA- Long Island String Festival Association

As of Thursday, November 1st, twenty-seven Harborfields students were selected to participate in the Long Island String Festival Association honor groups. These students have put in a considerable amount of work and dedication. Their teachers are just as devoted to the kids and are enthusiastic about their success as we all are.

LISFA is a prestigious festival for stringed instrument players where selected students have few rehearsals and then perform a concert for their friends and family.

“Music has always been a big part of my life. LISFA is a great opportunity to share the love of music with others who have the same passion. This is my first year where both of my sisters and I are participating, and we are very excited to share this wonderful experience together.”

Sophomore Angeline Miraglia said. Her little sister is in TJL, and her older sister is also in the high school. They are all performing cello and are thrilled to have this experience as sisters!

The list of very talented students is as follows:


Celia Ancona

Harry Diner

Michelle Diner

Jackson Dunham

Ethan Landmesser-Charette

Norene Miraglia

Elizabeth Sabino

Brendan Schmitt

Rhys Walter


Elena LaSpisa

Paige Lusby

McKenna Sung

Breckyn Beechey

William DeGroot

Alexandra Ebanks

Christopher Hummel

Aidan Saunders

Owen Walter


Evangelea Andreadis

Everett Borman

Rochelle Kris

Hope Lusby

Genie Miraglia

Jack Salzman

Jade Wang

Emelie Hochwald

Angeline Miraglia

Congratulations to all who were selected! Good luck!

Delia Ferrigno