The Crisis of Betty’s Muffins

It’s 7:15 A.M on a regular Harborfields weekday. You walk into the high school and the first thing to drift into your senses is the warm, sweet, homelike smell of Betty’s muffins. The first thought that comes to mind is, “Where did I put that $1.50 this morning?” 

As the first bite of that sweet muffin hits your tongue, everything brightens and suddenly the day can begin. However, after finishing the muffin you notice something about the wrapper and clear film that it’s wrapped in: It’s drenched in oil. 

After speaking with sophomore, Jennifer Bautista she says, “I walk into the cafeteria with a watering mouth excited to eat a warm chocolate chip muffin. I walk out, however, with a rumblin’ tummy and a sick-to-my-stomach feeling.” 

So the question now posed is, are betty’s muffins made with true love or trans-fats? 

In the 2014/2015 school year, Michelle Obama passed a Healthy School Lunch Act for schools around the country. In response to this act, The Harborfields High School got rid of Betty’s muffins as they were considered very unhealthy to consume. 

The kids went frantic when the muffins were removed because they craved the warm feeling of trans-fats and needed more. However, not more than a few months later, the muffins were restored back into the cafeteria. 

This leads back into the main question, “Does knowing the fact that Betty’s muffins are loaded with trans-fats stop students from eating them every day?” That’s a question for their hungry little minds to wrestle with: health or happiness?

Dan Benson1 Comment