The 2017 March Madness tournament came to an end last Thursday Night, and the Class of 2017 took home the bragging rights. It was definitely a fun night for everyone playing; especially for our DJ Michael Greaves, who by the way, is no match for DJ Fire. We also have our supervisors of the night to thank, and Mr. Taylor for running the event. Lastly, of course, all who played in March Madness and showing their true competitive side deserve recognition for keeping the tournament a tradition at HF.

The Class of 2019 beat the seniors after four innings in kickball. Senior Natalie Troy struck us out, claiming “I don’t really know the professional kickball rules, so I was in the doghouse for this one.” The juniors got the points for a kickball victory when they played the freshman. During the finals, they crushed the sophomore’s dreams of taking home the points.

Next up, was dodgeball. This time, the Class of 2017 came back against the Class of 2019. After a junior victory over the freshmen, the finals took the seniors up against the other upperclassmen. Unfortunately for the juniors, there was one man left standing up against eight seniors. The next sport taken to the court was basketball, where, once again, the seniors made it to play the juniors in a ten minute full court game. And once again, the graduating class won the game.

Volleyball was the real nail-biter in the March Madness tournament. If the seniors “spiked” the juniors out, then we would officially win. If the juniors won, we would have to play in another game till death. Luckily for the Class of 2017, we got to 21 points before the juniors could.

The next Class on the “March Madness” wall in the airport for 2017 will be the very class graduating this year. With blank spaces still remaining on the wall, this HF tradition will remain for years to come, all with the help of the pride and involvement  associated with this HFamily.

Christina Kohl