This week, Harborfields was given the opportunity to listen in on an assembly from three  members of the group titled “Upside.”  They are titled “Upside” because they like to focus on the positive things that came out of their addictions such as pushing past old problems and meeting each other, rather than the negative sides. While this topic is a hard thing to talk about, it was incredible to see how they were able to overcome their addictions and stay motivated and stay true to their group. The three speakers, Jordan, Trevor, and Samantha all had different pros and different cons to their stories.

The point that was emphasized during the assembly was how each of them was so different but they all had the same problem. Many people have the same  picture of a drug addict in their mind and think it can never be them. But as stated by Jordan, “Bad decisions lead to more and more bad decisions and then it is no longer a choice, it is a need and a disease.”  The strength of them to keep on going was admired by the whole audience and reflected on by mostly everyone.  

It is important that high school students are aware of issues like these because it can easily be them because of one decision. Students should learn how to stand up for themselves and say no to things even if their friends are encouraging them to do it.

Trevor told a story about how as a teenager he never had the courage to go and talk to his crush. He was too shy and always felt like something was holding him back. Instead of pulling up the courage himself, he went and smoked and then went to talk to the girl. He was highly dependant on drugs to do these things for him. Later on in life, he had a job interview. He felt the same way he did when it came to talking to his crush. He felt as if something was holding him back. So, instead of building up the courage, he got back in his car and left, leaving behind his job interview. This lesson is important for students to hear because learning how to cope with emotions and having courage even in situations in which you aren't comfortable is a skill you will carry forever.

it is easy to say that everybody in the audience was able to take out and reflect on at least one thing in this assembly. “It made me realize how lucky I am to not have this issue and the way the speakers described how they are able to refrain from there problems now amazed me because it is a disease that is really difficult to stop,” says Kimmy Wilkes, a junior at Harborfields.  It is very important that we as students can learn how to cope with our emotions hard times and that drug use is not the answer to our problems.


Emily Dauth