HF 2020 Elections


Meet your candidates by reviewing their platform statements and viewing their videos below.

Voting is May 31st @ 7:40 -- 2:20.


School President Candidates

Augie Kolmer

Since Middle School I have wanted to be apart of student government and this past year I finally got the chance to be president of my class. I think I was very successful as Class President and I am ready to do the same for our school. Harborfields gives their students so many privileges that other schools don’t offer and I am the candidate that will take advantage of theses opportunities to give the students of Harborfields the best year possible. My ideas and opinions reflect most of our students which will make school events better for everyone. Vote for me for the best year possible.



Jahhel Louis

School Pres_Jahhel Louis.jpg

My name is Jahhel louis and I am running for school president. I am involved in multiple community based activies and leadership positions.Along with my father, I am currently the co-founder and overseer of a non-profit organization which sends relief, clothes, and other materials to hundreds in Haiti. My experience as a leader in different areas, character and determination are just some of the reasons why i am confident and certain you will not regret voting for school president.