No More Vaping in the Bathroom!

This week, Governor Cuomo passed “landmark legislation” that allow for the banning of e-cigarettes, or what teens like to call vapes, in public buildings, not limited to restaurants and bars. This was an addition to the the CIAA, and now e-cigs are proscribed from the same places as cigarettes are.

The Clean Indoor Air Act was initially enacted in hopes to keep cigarettes out of public places. As many know, e-cigarettes have already been banned in schools, but is now extended to other public facilities.

According to health NY Gov, This “landmark legislation enacted on July 24, 2003, banned smoking in almost all workplaces, including bars, restaurants, bowling facilities, taverns and bingo halls.”

It also mentioned the impact this act has had on shielding New Yorkers from second hand smoke. Senior Amanda McDonald said, “It’s really good that they’re doing this. E-cigs and vapes are bad for you and you won't know until 30 years from now what their real effects are.”

E-cigs have been under fire because of their undefined consequences due to the lack of long term research. However, many have reported on the side effects and hazards, including addiction.

Many states had already enacted or followed New York after the original legislation, so the idea of other states grabbing onto this extension is reasonable. The impact this act has had on shielding New Yorkers from second hand smoke is impeccable. Only time will show the effects of the new legislation that goes into effect in 30 days.

Sarah-Elizabeth Leveque