Las Vegas Massacre

This Sunday, Gunman Stephen Paddock killed dozens and injured hundreds at a country music festival in Las Vegas. Approximately 58 innocent civilians were killed.

Paddock had more than 20 different weapons in his possession. Paddock used what is called a “bump stock,” which is a tool that allowed a rifle to fire hundreds of rounds per minute. As a result, this event has brought the politicized issue of gun control to the world’s attention. The debate whether these events could be prevented by tighter and more restrictive gun control laws remains contentious.

Paddock has been described by media to be a “high-stake gambler”, a quiet, antisocial man. He reportedly wired thousands of dollars to the Philippines to girlfriend Marilou Danley days before he committed this massacre. Many have been pushing for the media to label Stephen Paddock as a terrorist.  

First responders as well as civilians at the event displayed great acts of heroism, by helping others and some even running back towards the gunman.Video footage have been released during the massacre displaying the horrific screams and hysteria. Some videos also highlighted the heros and their assistance to other victims.

Senior Emily Dauth says “ The whole situation is heartbreaking, these people just went to go have a fun night with friends and family and some of their lives were taken. I think it's incredible how everyone came together to help one another and try their best to save everyone that they could.”

All in all, no matter where someone stands in the gun control issue, everyone wants horrific events like these to be addressed and ended. Hearts go out to victims and their families of Sunday’s shooting.

Sarah-Elizabeth Leveque