Facebook Killer

In Cleveland, an Ohio Facebook killer fatally shot a random victim and posted the footage on his facebook. The suspect, named Steve Stephens, stated in a separate video posted that he had killed 13 people and was not finished looking to kill more. Stephens can be seen in the image to the right.

Cleveland police chief, Calvin Williams, said they can confirm one of the killings, but have no knowledge on any other victims. The one victim was identified as 74 year old Robert Godwin. Godwin was shot walking home from Easter dinner.

Police spoke to Stephens mother and girlfriend. His girlfriend said he was a very generous man and they have been in a serious relationship for years. She said that he was always very nice to her and her children. The suspect’s mother said that he will only stop shooting if she or his girlfriend will tell him to stop.

Junior Georgia Abrams stated, “social media is a scary thing. This is a lesson to keep your profiles on private and be as careful as you can on the internet.”

An estimated week after the video was posted, Stephens was spotted in McDonalds by the workers. They made his food take extra long to be ready while they called 911 to tell them they have him, police showed up immediately. Stephens realized he being trapped and speeded away in his car. After a few minutes of the police chase, Stephens committed suicide by shooting himself while his car was spinning out of control.

Cleveland Police and families of victims are relieved that the Facebook KIller is off the streets.



Alexis Tewksbury