St. Petersburg Crisis

On April 4th, at a subway station in St. Petersburg, Russia, an explosion went off killing at least 10 people. Social media users posted pictures and videos that showed billows of smoke in the metro station and people who appeared lying on the subway platform, wounded, adjacent to the damaged train.

The cause of the explosion is not yet known, but Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president stated, “investigators are looking into all possible causes, including terrorism.” This station was evacuated and closed, along with many nearby stations closing too.  

Many citizens think that it is not a coincidence that it happened the day that Putin was in the city. The president was in St. Petersburg early Monday morning, while this happened a short time after.

An estimated 50 people were injured from this incident, says the Russian governor's office. The explosion occurred in the tunnel between the Sennaya Ploshchad and the Tekhnologichesky stations.

After asking junior Nichole Ferro if she believes it is just a coincidence that Putin was in the city the morning of, she said, “This situation is really scary, I don’t believe it is just a coincidence that Putin was in St. Petersburg that morning, seems too much like it was planned.”

Russian security is doing all they can t keep their citizens safe and attempt to figure out the cause of this incident.

Alexis Tewksbury