Starbucks New Addition

For only a week, Starbucks was offering the once in a lifetime opportunity to get the Unicorn Frappuccino in participating stores. Since it was released, the new drink exploded across the internet and has been a huge hit for the chain coffee shop.

Not many people had a problem with this beverage, besides the coffee shop in Texas that believed Starbucks stole this idea from them. The shop is complaining that their idea was stolen and capitalized off of and this was not okay to them. Based in Wichita Falls, Frank & Joe’s claims they were making bank on unicorn-hysteria for more than a month before Starbucks released their version of this.

This drink created a bigger fiasco than intended. Even the Starbucks baristas were too overwhelmed with customers and their wants that they were having breakdowns.

Junior Hope Staib said, “I tried this drink for the time it was out and it was really good but not worth the fiasco it created.”

Starbucks claims that they have many new frappuccino flavors in the new future because of the results of increasing customers during the five day period of this recent release.

Alexis Tewksbury