Texas Receives Snow?

Yes, you read that correctly. Northern Austin has gotten snow, and in addition to that odd weather behavior, ice has accompanied it. Obviously, people living in Austin, Texas were not prepared for the event, due to how unlikely it is that they would receive snow at all.

Places such as New York, or New Jersey for example, with people who are used to the harsh winters, would be prepared with shovels or ice scrapers. Texans were not prepared for this weather phenomenon, and many of them even took to Twitter with their complaints.

One Twitter user writes, “We just close down here in Texas when it’s an inch!”. To New Englanders, this seems pretty bizarre, since we are used to be trapped in our homes while the snow sets in and then freezes over.

New Yorkers wish that one inch of snow would keep us out of school or work, but with Texas’ normal weather patterns, snow in general is definitely not a common occurrence.

The Farmer’s Almanac even predicted this odd pattern of snowfall for Texas, and according to ABC News, it’s predictions are, “Correct 80 percent of the time”. It is interesting to see something that was first created as early as 1792 can still be used in 2018 to keep track of weather patterns.

It is interesting to see how one inch of ice crystals somehow upsets the balance of how Austin, Texas functions.

Alexandra Palmieri