Harborfields Football Season Review

The Harborfields Football team took Suffolk County by storm after reaching a record of 6-2 in this 2017 season. The team, led by quarterback PJ Clementi, is finding great success on all sides of the ball and the guys surely hit the ground running as they are aiming to secure a top seed in the playoffs in order to obtain “home field” advantage.

With PJ having the 8th most passing yards out of all quarterbacks in Suffolk county, Jimmy Bifulco having 24st most rushing yards in Suffolk county, and Gavin Buda having the most receiving yards and touchdowns in the county, it seems that this three-headed offensive monster really knew how to dictate the field with their play as of late.

On the defensive side of the ball, Chris Savaglio, Kyle Christensen and Gavin Buda all lead the team with interceptions, Anthony Christy leads the team in sacks (4), while Drew Fresolo isn’t too far behind with 3 sacks. There also seems to be an abundance of “ball-hawks” on the defense as Gavin Buda, Kyle Christensen, Donald Mastroianni, and Tommy DeVito all have an interception.

Although the Tornadoes have been feasting on the gridiron the whole season, the two biggest additions to the team have really made a huge impact on the team’s success as a whole. Coach Michael Feldman has been coaching the receivers and defensive backs as well as the special teams as a whole. With his knowledge on the game stemming from his collegiate career and his studies at Bommarito’s training facility (where they have trained pro’s such as Odell Beckham Jr, Rob Gronkowski, Jarvis Landry, LeVeon Bell and other stars) he clearly knows his stuff as both the receivers and secondary have been key parts to the team’s success.

The other new coach, Jack Doyle, one year removed from playing college football at Utica College is transforming both the offensive and defensive lines into a force to be reckoned with. All of the players bond well with the new coaches this year and the chemistry between both players and staff is really showing its beneficial factors on the field.

The biggest inspiration for this team was the loss this past year of their former coach Brian Conners. Conners coached this same team, which went undefeated in 2015, and gave them motivation to not just finish this season undefeated, but to win the Long Island Championship as well. Although that didn’t happen, there’s no doubt that Coach Conners would be so unbelievably proud of this team for giving their blood, sweat, and tears in his honor this past year.

Jack Blitch, the biggest “hype-man” on the squad, had some important words to say as his last season of football just concluded. “This year was so amazing man. We gave everything we had for Conners and I’m so proud of the guys and the results that we had this past season.”

Although the season ended abruptly in the playoffs against Sayville, the year was magical nonetheless as the Tornadoes have left their mark on Suffolk county and made the school proud with their hard work, grit, and determination on the field.  Definitely keep up with the Tornadoes next year as they will come back just as hard, and once again make some noise around the island.


Chris Mullings