Why Kyrie Irving will go to the Knicks

Kyrie Irving is a superstar point guard who plays for the Boston Celtics, with the 2018-2019 NBA season coming up lots of questions are being raised about his future in a Celtic uniform. There have been many concerning rumors for Celtic fans talking about Kyrie Irving going to the New York Knicks for the 2019-2020 NBA season.

However, many people are not taking this rumor as serious as it should be taken. I can assure you that Kyrie will be in a Knicks uniform by next season or potentially this season. Let's start off by looking at Irving and his characteristics while he has been in the NBA. You look at Kyries game and you think, wow he is one of the best ball handlers in the game, he can get his shot anytime he wants, he is such a good iso player etc. His game is the typical city kids game who plays at the park every day. Good handles, iso player, can get his shot whenever or wherever he wants too. That ladies and gentleman is Kyrie Irving's basketball game in a nutshell.

When Lebron joined the Cavs in 2014 Kyrie was less than thrilled, this meant that the Cleveland Cavaliers was no longer his team it was Lebron James team. Kyrie sucked it up until one of Lebron's close friends got a job in the Cavs organization. This would have been fine if the Cavs accepted Kyries request to let his dad be in the organization, however in 2016 the Cavs declined this stating “all possible positions are full at this time”. This was the start to Kyries departure of Cleveland. During the Cavs title defense in 2017 Kyrie went a whole series without talking to any Cavs teammates.

This leads to my second point, Kyrie Irving does not care about winning. Yes he did care about winning until 2016 when he won a championship, after that it was all about himself and what he could do to benefit himself and the close people around him. So in order for him to do that he requested for the Cavs to trade him in the 2017 offseason. He gave them a list of teams he wanted to be traded too, his list was; Knicks, Heat, Spurs, or Timberwolves.

Out of this group of teams the Spurs are the only realistic championship contending team that Kyrie wanted to join. This further shows that Kyries number one priority is not winning it is having “his own team”. All he cares about is having his own team like a Lebron James where he is the man every where he goes and he is essentially the general manager and head coach of whatever team he goes. All in all Kyrie will leave the Celtics so he can go off and get his max contract from the Knicks and be able to control the franchise all by himself.

Ryan Rittberger