Who Really is the Best Rookie?

We are ten games into the NBA season and some rookies are already showing off their raw potential and giving the basketball world a glimpse of what the future has in store. The most notable rookies that have shown their value early in the season are Trae Young and Luka Doncic.

Trae Young being one of the most risk reward picks in this year's draft is showing some glimpses of the magic he had at Oklahoma. With some improved ball handling skills and ability to pass the ball in traffic has led him to averaging 19 ppg and 8 assists per game. Yes, I know that he has only played ten games but he has showed lots of promise as a young point guard in the NBA.

Then you have the prodigy from Slovenia in Luka Doncic who has showed off his gifted touch around the rim with his outstanding basketball IQ. Even though the Mavs are off to a slow 2-7 start Luka has played well averaging 20 ppg 7 assist and 4 rebounds. You couldn't ask for a better stat line then that as a rookie, the scary thing is they are both capable of doing a lot more than that… A rookie who is not being talked about as much as they should is the first overall pick Deandre Ayton. He is averaging 20 ppg and 14 rebounds on 63% shooting. He is overlooked because there isn't really anything special to his game. To start off he plays for the Suns who are probably going to end up the worst team in the west which means they aren't going to be looked at or watched. Second, he plays with Devin Booker which means whenever the Suns do get any attention it is going to be on Devin Booker not Ayton.

This means Deandre Ayton will be quietly putting up 20 and 10 every game and may turn out to be a forgotten number one pick until he gets onto a new team. Moving onto another highly drafted prospect Marvin Bagley. Bagley has played well despite not getting some of the minutes all of us thought he would get. This could also contribute to him not being a good defender at all. Bagley has been known as a bad defender ever since high school and it has continued up until now. Despite that he has still managed to put up 13 ppg and 7 rebounds in just 20 minutes. If Bagley can improve his ability on the defensive end he will start to see more minutes on the floor which will help him show his offensive skills. Although there are many other rookies who have started off their season well these four are the four that will be focused on the whole year. So, who really is the best rookie, we will have to wait and see.