Kevin's Rad Picks: March Madness

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for many people. It’s that sweet spot for winter sports where the NBA and NHL seasons are beginning to come to a close and March Madness takes over the headlines. Today, I release bracket after the tournament already started due to me being lazy, and also on vacation. So, here it is:


*This image is outdated as I removed Tennessee for UVA in the Final 4, with Gonzaga still advancing to the finals.

Some of you may be going bananas in your seat right now looking at my bracket. But, you have to understand, I do not like, nor watch, nor care about college basketball. I made these picks solely off the little stat button that shows you next to each matchup, while also taking seeding into account as well.


A few standouts I think I should point out: Bucknell, Auburn and Tennessee. Bucknell I was surprised was seeded so low after looking at their little stat card thing. I have them going to the Sweet 16 just based off who they play on their way there and that little stat card.


Auburn I also really like, so much so I’m putting them in my my Final 4. They also got a great stat card and can do some damage, especially to the almighty Duke.


Tennessee, I also see going far, mainly because I watched them play against Kentucky and I really liked the way the played. Unfortunately, my friend Bryan informed me that the SEC stinks and that I’m dumb for putting them in my Final 4. So, I moved them back to the Elite 8 last minute.

So, those are my picks. I will make new picks depending on who makes the Sweet 16, because, we all know I’m going to be wayyyy off on these picks.

Kevin Ries