The Triple Bees are One Stinger Short

Get ready! Things heated up this weekend when the first NFL Sunday of the season kicked off. However, there has already been some heated conversations in the locker rooms. Steelers’ veteran running back Le’Veon Bell is once again in the news due his continued contract holdout.

Bell has been absent from pre-season camps since mid July. As this method is very common throughout the league for players looking to negotiate contracts, things became much more serious as Bell was M.I.A. during practice. The Steelers’ offensive line didn’t hold back when it came to speaking on the star running back’s situation. “Why play hide-and-seek? Why let your agent say this? Just man up and tell us what you’re going to do,” linemen Maurkice Pouncey stated on Wednesday to Bleacherreport.

To make things even more difficult, Bell has made himself known for this type of reaction when dealing with contract negotiations. Watch out because the “triple bees” may only be a duo for quite some time. The team is still unsure how long Bell will be keeping this up. For now, the team has looked past the matter was looking ahead to Sunday’s match up against the Cleveland Browns where they had hoped to ‘steel’ a week one victory.

Instead, the Steelers stopped the Browns’ OT field goal attempt to salvage a tie, 21-21.

Katherine Sheridan