Huntington Elections

November 7th marked an important day for the Huntington Community, as it was election day.

For the past few weeks, various candidates have been promoting their views and ideas in relation to the position they were running for. Driving around your local neighborhoods, you may have seen various signs, posted up on people’s lawns, or you may have seen promotional campaigns pop up on your television.

For those who are unaware of the positions these candidates were running for, they included: Town of Huntington Supervisor, County Sheriff, Superintendent of Highways, Town Council, and County Legislator (of the 16th, 17th, and 18th districts), and County District Attorney.

The people who hold these positions are the backbone of the Town of Huntington, along with Suffolk County, and help to ensure the people’s happiness.

You recently may have noticed your parents or guardians taking a quick trip to voting locations to cast a ballot. Senior Gianna Masi said, “Recently in one of my classes, we had to complete a project, in relation to the recent elections, so I really was able to understand the whole system.”

As the votes came in, eventually so did the results.

Chad Lupinacci- Town of Huntington Supervisor

Errol Toulon Jr.- County Sheriff

Kevin Orelli- Superintendent of Highways

Mark Cuthbertson and Edmund Smyth- Town Council

Susan Berland- County Legislator, 16th District

Thomas Donnelly- County Legislator, 17th District
William Spencer- County Legislator, 18th District

Tim Sini- District Attorney

Lily Lockwood