Atlanta Airport Loses Power

This Sunday, the United State’s busiest airport, Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport lost all power during the busiest time of the year.

Those at the airport were stuck for several hours. This was reportedly the result of a fire in the underground electrical facility. According to NBC News,”By late Sunday, the airport had canceled 1,173 flights and delayed 207, according to Delta Air Lines, which is headquartered in Atlanta, said it was canceling another 300 flights, mostly to Atlanta, on Monday.”

Passengers were more than outraged, as many were stuck on planes or in a dark airport tarmac for several hours. Many passengers took to twitter to express their sentiments, especially towards the lack of emergency preparedness. To placate them, Delta airlines offered a waiver or free refund for cancellation of flights.

In total, it took approximately 11 hours for the power to be restored. Although many understood that it is not the airport’s fault, as these things happen randomly, the time spent without power, and lack of strategy for this situation bothered many passengers.

Sarah-Elizabeth Leveque