March for Science

On April 22, 2017, also known as Earth Day, Scientists from all over will be marching for the cause. Their goal, as stated by their organizers, is to draw attention to dangerous trends in the politicalization of science. It’s mission statement states that “champions publicly funded and publicly communicated science as a pillar of human freedom and prosperity.”

They believe that with the new presidency, their concerns regarding global warming and climate change are going unanswered. They fear the policy change that detracts all of the scientific advancements and progress that they have made. They believe that their scientific evidence and facts isn’t up for debate and has no place to be rejected by politicians in government. They aspire to see undisputable evident put into policy decisions. For example, scientists are turned off by the climate change skeptics that are being put into office that have major influence.

However, many people believe this march is very much a politicization of science by the left wing. This is just another way to protest the presidency of Donald Trump and his administration. They believe that although science does provide us with evidence, it cannot make the decisions for us and our future.

Harborfields Junior Lauren Banks stated, “I don’t really understand why people would march for science, it doesn’t really sound right.”

Scientists have been stating that this protest is not a political protest and it is strictly in the interests of science and scientists’ concerns. Some march for science organizers have made it clear that their effort is intended to be non partisan.

Harborfields Junior Jessica Cooley said, “Since we were babies we’ve learned that climate change is real and true. So to me it doesn’t really make sense how people who are supposed to lead the country don’t admit to it for their own personal gains.”

All in All, protesters have one important comment that they believe needs to be heard. That policy needs to be changed according to the evidence we now are painfully aware of.