How Politics Influenced the Oscars

Anyone who was watching the Oscars Sunday night on the 26th, not only saw all of the elegant dressed celebrities but heard all of the politics focused comments throughout the night. Political protest was very apparent by viewers. Jimmy Kimmel’s commentary was also thought to be political, with several jokes revolving around Donald Trump and his administration.

One of the several entertainers who had something to say during the oscars was Gael Garcia. Being one of the most memorable politically charged speeches during the oscars to many, Garcia proclaimed, “As a Mexican, as a Latin-American, as a migrant worker, as a human being, I am against any form of wall."  Junior Christina Abeltin said, “I thought it was right of him and important that he said that.”

Other form of protest that occurred was silent protests from many who decided not to even attend the oscars. An Iranian filmmaker decided to stay home despite the fact that he won the award for the best foreign film, in protest of Donald Trump’s Muslim ban which includes his home country. He sent a representative who read a speech for him stating his protest against any order forbidding syrian refuges or muslim immigrants and stated that his absence was out of respect for those barred from the United States as a result of the “inhumane law.”

Ezra Edelman, the winner of best documentary dedicated his award to victims of police brutality.

One of the makeup artist winners for the movie Suicide Squad dedicated his oscar for all the immigrants like him.

Other references were much less subtle, referring to the aspiration to end the Syrian war, public education and support for LGBT kids. Others were wearing their support on their clothing, by wearing blue ribbons for the American Civil Liberties Association, and Planned Parenthood pins.  Junior Sam Iglesias said, “Even though I didn’t necessarily disagree with any or all of the comments, I could understand how some people think it’s unnecessary to bring politics to a simple award show.”

Compared to the grammys where many felt as though the discussion over donald trump was tiptoed around, it appears as though the oscars finally addressed the elephant in the room.

However, although some people believe that these celebrities weren’t in the right place to share their political views during an entertainment award show, it was said the oscars producer allowed for them and supported sharing their views and discontent during the show.

Sarah-Elizabeth Leveque