Cincinnati Nightclub Shooting

On Wednesday, March 26th,  there was a brutal attack on the Cameo nightclub in Cincinnati, leaving one dead and 15 injured. Police believe that there was more than one person involved and the shooting was a result of an earlier dispute in the club.

Junior Lauren Banks said, “I thought first it was terrorism. I’m kinda surprised.”

Although Cameo has a history of many incidents and events of violence occurring in their club, this is definitely the most severe case. According to CNN, the club owner was said to of  hired paid police officers as security. However, their job is strictly to secure outside of the club, and the inside of the club is not within their responsibility.  

As a result of multiple instances of terrorism in the United States for the past years, police have stressed that the crime was not related to terrorism.

Police are interviewing witnesses, seeking to gather information to find suspects. Investigators and officers are now doing their best to find those involved and bring justice to the victims of yet another, unnecessary, but heinous attack.