Terror in D.C.

Over the course of the past five months, 38 cases are open on missing persons in Washington D.C. 14 of which are girls 18 years and younger, are disappearing in the same manner. Many are starting to believe these young girls are runaways from their homes, not victims of crime. A police spokesperson stated that, “There are thousands of missing person cases every year, and virtually everyone is found.”

Although the police are doing all they can and using social media to try to attain clues as to what is happening, it just isn’t enough to figure this out. Numbers are going down for these cases, but that shouldn’t make this any less alarming to the public. This issue is not only happening in Washington D.C., but also in Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore and other urban areas around the country.

Social media posts are being very misleading in this case. On instagram, a picture featured that said, “14 girls went missing in a 24 hour period.” There was no one day recorded period that this many people went missing.

Junior Stefanie Walsh said, “I think police are doing a lot for this case but not enough. They don’t even know if these girls are runaways or crime victims yet and this situation isn’t over yet.”

Police are continuing to investigate this situation in hopes for an answer and that these girls can return home.

Alexis Tewksbury