Edible Water Bottles

Skipping Rocks Labs is determined to follow through with the goal of stopping the production of plastic water bottles. Their first product is called Ooho, a biodegradable and edible seaweed extract that is perfectly safe for the environment and to consume. These are supposed to substitute plastic bottles that are not biodegradable. Plastic bottles can take up to 100 years to begin to decompose, this has been a problem for many years.

A few years back, Poland Spring took action for the environment by making their bottle caps smaller. People thought this was a great decision, but with Ooho, this doesn’t seem as important anymore. The U.S alone utilizes an estimated 50 million plastic bottles a year, 80% of which just landfills. Ooho is cheaper than plastic bottles as well, only benefitting buyers.

Skipping Rocks has been working on creating Ooho since 2014. After three years of creating the perfect design, they feel as if it was an amazing investment of time and materials. However, there are still some challenges the company will need to face if they want to be a serious competitor with plastic bottles.

Customers can’t wait for Ooho to be in stores to be able to try the new way of the future.

Alexis Tewksbury