France Bans Skinny

In France, a law has been passed that bans the use of “extremely thin” models within the industry. This ban is intended to address the amount of eating disorders within the modeling industry. It also seeks to lessen the distortion of bodies within the media.

Originally, the law required that there was a minimum Body Mass Index requirement but there was massive protest from french modeling agencies about that. Models now have to pass a health test. The tests are based on their Body Mass Index and a doctor’s testament to their overall physical health. This means that the doctors decide if the model is too skinny based on her weight, height age and body shape.  

Like all laws, there has to be a punishment for breaking the law. If the law is broken, one can be punished upto 6 months in jail and fined of 75,000 euros (82,000).

The provisions of the law aren't limited to models bodies. As of October 1st, French Magazines and ads are required to state whether an image has of a model has been edited.  

Harborfields Junior Lauren Banks stated, “I don’t really think it’s fair for the government to tell a model she is too skinny to do her job and create any provisions that attempt to restrict media from photoshop their models. Not saying that there isn't an issue with self image, but i feel like it goes against people's rights.” On the contrary, Junior Emily Dauth believes, “this is exactly the step that countries all over the world need to make. The modelling industry creates false images that create unrealistic standards to live up to.”  

However, the French government stated that this is an attempt to go against the “inaccessible ideals of beauty in society.”