Hurricane Michael Strikes the US

In recent news, Florida has been hit by a massive and destructive hurricane. Hurricane Michael has been classified as a Category 4 storm, with maximum sustained winds over 155 mph. This is one of the strongest storms that has hit the U.S. since 1992. Some are comparing this disaster to Hurricane Andrew, which was one of the worst hurricanes to ever hit our country. Other news sites, such as CNN, are even comparing this to Hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Andrew were tragedies that left so many families without homes, destroyed towns, and killed innocent people.

Hurricane Michael struck Florida, swept through to Georgia, then calmed down and transitioned into a tropical storm for the Carolinas. Hurricane Michael then started moving up the coast, and progressively slowed down. According to CNN, “As Michael moves into the Atlantic, the days of misery are far from over in the coastal cities left devastated beyond recognition.” Although Hurricane Michael is no longer over Florida, residents and the government still have a long road to recovery.

Many people who were forced to evacuate are just now coming back home to see the damages done by this category 4 storm. Many have come back to find their homes withered down to nothing. When discussing this tragedy with students at HF, Evan Ackerman, only had one word on the matter, “Unbelievable.” Another student, Liam Sweeney, said, “I find this devastating.” People across the country are shocked at the severity of the damage and many never thought it could get this bad.

Unfortunately, some families returning are not only left without a home, but left without their loved ones. The latest reports by CNN say that, “Hurricane Michael's death toll climbed to 18 Saturday, after another victim was discovered in Virginia.” Even worse, the authorities expect to find more bodies. Rescue teams are desperately searching through the debri, hoping to find others. A junior here at HF, Simarleen Rana, said, “I hope that people return home safely and can find new homes.” Families are left in shambles after learning everything they own has been swept away and are desperate to find shelter.

Many of the survivors are now asking the government when more help is coming. In an article by The Weather Channel, interviews were done and a survivor of this devastating storm said, “We’re not getting any help,’ and that ‘we need food.”Although the states affected are receiving help, it’s not enough. Survivors are left without food, water, or anywhere to live.

USA Today said, “The effort to get schools and hospitals fully operational will be herculean. Bill Husfelt, superintendent of county schools, assessed damage over the weekend and had not decided when they could reopen, “It is clear to many that schools will not be open for a while, and that the damages are too extreme.” Officials are unsure when they will be able to reopen. The hospitals in the affected areas aren’t even open, which is very risky for locals in case of further emergencies.

The worst part of Hurricane Michael may be over, but our country still has a long way to go. There are homes, schools, and even entire coastal towns that need to be rebuilt. The aftermath of this storm has left coastal cities dismantled and the only way things will get better is if our country comes together to help the survivors.