Hot Weather at HF

Now that we are back in school and getting into the routine of things, many students are beginning to come to the realization that coming back to HF may be fun and exciting, but the weather in the beginning of the year can be unbearable.

With the recent heat wave, students need to stay hydrated throughout their long, hot, and sweaty days. This is not only occurring at our school, but also at schools across New York State. This is definitely just the beginning of having to deal with this weather. Temperatures recently have reached almost 90 degrees and just imagine how much hotter it feels in a classroom.  

As many of you are already aware, many of the classrooms throughout the highschool lack air conditioning. Personally, I look forward to going to the few classes with air conditioning, as do many others. And to think that many sports teams have to practice in this weather is ridiculous.

Although sports can be cancelled if the weather is dangerously hot, sometimes they still aren’t. Especially in sports like football where the players are required to wear excessive padding to protect themselves, they must be sweating out on the field.  

When interviewing a sophomore, Ellie Heinze, she said that, “This weather is so hot and uncomfortable it makes my classes so difficult to focus in.” Some students simply just can’t stand the heat, yet very few don’t mind it. Many of us wish we could have air conditioning in all of our classes, but unfortunately that’s just not an option.

You should drink at least two liters or half a gallon of water everyday. As well as staying hydrated, by wearing lightweight, breathable fabrics such as cotton, it can help you stay cooler throughout your day. It sounds like we are all going to have to tough it out and get through the next few months for cooler weather.