A Look into the Royals Lives

Did you ever wonder what a normal day is like for a royal? Or what do they actually do for the people of Great Britain? The British royal family is one of the most recognizable and famed families in the entire world. People travel from all over just to visit their palaces in hopes of just seeing them in person.

The British royal family is constantly growing. Not only did Meghan and Harry get married in May of this year but, Kate and William also welcomed their third child, Prince Louis in April. Also, Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank got married on October 12th and it was announced on October 15th that Meghan Markle was pregnant.

Sophomore Julia Panzevecchia says, “I never knew much about the them but ever since we started learning about monarchies in school, I have been obsessed with them!”

The public is very attracted to the royal family and everything they do. Paparazzi constantly follow them, trying to be the first one to get the latest story. Both royal weddings attracted a ton of viewers. According to Forbes, 29 million people watched Meghan and Harry’s wedding and 23.2 million people watched Kate and William’s wedding.

Sophomore Sophia DiPrima said, “Because of the time change, I woke up at 6:00 am to watch the royal wedding. It was truly an exciting event and I am so glad I was able to see it live.”

Many people wonder what the royal family does and some even claim that they do absolutely nothing but collect money from the public by taxes and glamorized events. The truth of the matter is, that they do a whole lot more then we may even know.

Every single year the royal family carries out over 2,000 royal engagements worldwide. Over the years the role of the monarchs have changed and they are no longer known as ‘Head of Nation’ according to Royal.Uk. Their daily tasks include taking diplomatic trips, hosting heads of states, going on royal exhibitions, giving out awards to good samaritans, and so much more. They are constantly busy and are said to never have a day off.

Sophomore Delia Ferrigno says, “I know a little bit about the royal family, but not that much. I always thought that they just made appearances and that's it. So, it was surprising to me when I heard what they actually do on a daily basis.”

The royal family is known for their public service and helping people in need. Usually, each royal family member chooses various causes to support and helps promote them on a daily basis. Through campaigning for their cause, donating time and money; this aspect usually takes up most of their time.

Overall, the British royal family has a huge impact on society today and will remain under constant observation by the general public. The monarchs of Great Britain seem to be a sight for sore eyes.