A Horrific Tragedy in Eastern Uganda

 In recent news, at least 34 people died in Eastern Uganda after floods and mudslides destroyed their homes. Dozens of people are missing and are still being found after these extremely heavy rains triggered mudslides. These mudslides led to many people missing and still remaining unaccounted for.

These heavy rains triggered mudslides, which led to mountain slopes being washed into houses. Rescue teams are doing their best to rescue and find as many people as they can. When interviewing Rebecca Thompson, she said, “It is so important to have rescue teams during times like these.” One river burst its banks in the eastern town of Bukalasi and floods swept away many of the houses. Rescue teams provided many blankets and relief materials to the families that were affected by this disaster. Flooding and mudslides are extremely common in this area during this time of the year. This time of the year is the rainy season. When interviewing Ellie Lockwood she said, “This is such a tragic story that no family or town should have to experience.”

The district of Bududa is located 155 miles from the capital, Kampala, and extremely close to the border with Kenya It is prone to landslides and there have been several similar accidents in recent years just like this. During an interview with Maya Salzman, she said, “It is so sad to hear that people are still missing and that many houses were ruined because of this flooding.” So many people are still missing and may be dead before they are even found. Many people lost their homes and family. Everyone experiencing this is strong and heroic. These rescue groups are not only providing the people of Uganda with necessities, they are helping them find loved ones.