Canada Pioneering Pot Legalization

As of Wednesday October 16th, Canada was be the largest high-profile country to decriminalize cannabis use and possession. They will also monitor its growth, sale, and distribution numbers.

Marijuana businesses will now be able to use banks, trade stocks, and sponsor medical studies. People will be able to order products online and have them shipped to their house.

American based firms are also looking forward to this nationwide legalization because of a whole new market and a push for global legalization.

Since this is still brand new, only a small amount of government-run stores will be opening within the next couple of weeks and supplies will be low.

The measured approach for the legalization is to address the concerns about “reefer madness” immediately to prove their confidence in the Canadian people.

As for the whole ordeal, it is expected to be worth approximately $6.5 billion, while California’s business is $11 million. Though the Canadian business will be almost half the size, it’s still a good start for pot enthusiasts. They say it’s finally time for governments to recognize the destructive effects of the war on drugs.

The Marijuana Policy project is still fighting to get legalization in the U.S. but they aren’t getting very far. “I think it’s interesting that only two countries and nine states have legalized pot.” says sophomore Jenna Forestiero on the topic.

The only other country that has decriminalized it is Uruguay and Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington have also legalized marijuana.

Although it is now legal everywhere, each province will decide the age limit for teenagers and how to sell it. Everyone's watching to see how this turns out and if anyone will follow in Canada’s path.