Public Interest: The Royal Family

There is no doubt about it, that thousands to millions of people keep their eyes fixed on the Windsor Royal Family daily. Reporters, cameramen, crowds, and paparazzi are always outside the gates of Buckingham Palace and they are always on the move to follow the family wherever they go.

Each news station is willing to go the extra mile and go through all the ups and downs just to get the best story on them. Even if the story is fake, a scandal, insider details, or even detrimental to their overall reputation; Some news sources will do whatever it takes to have the newest updates on their every second. Even though the family is very public with what they do, the question is still posed, do you think they look too much into every aspect into their lives?

When you look up ‘The Royal Family’ on Google, at least ten different articles pop up, ranging from Meghan Markle's daily style choices, to scandals within the family. News sources from around the globe post daily updates on everything ‘Royal’. People seem to have a strange obsession with everything and anything that the Royal Family does. Is this a little excessive? Or is it just public interest at it’s finest?

Sophomore Emily Noden says, “Every day there seems to be a new royal family article posted. It’s like there is new stories everyday that don’t actually matter.”

With article titles like, “Royal Warrant Christmas Gift Guide” from the Daily Express, “This Is How Much the Royal Family Costs Taxpayers” from Reader’s Digest, and “All about Kate Middleton’s Latest Outfits” from People, ordinary people can be involved with every step of a Royal’s day. It makes the reader feel like they know everything about them, while also wanting the reader to still ask questions. On websites like People, The Telegraph, and BBC,  their websites have dedicated sections only for Royal Family updates.

Now that the Royal Family is expecting a new family member arriving sometime in the spring of 2019, there will be even more of a watch on the family if that is even possible. According to the Independent website, “Most fans know all the royal names and faces, the line of succession to the throne, and even the family's rarely-used last name.” If you really think about it, it is kind of scary that ordinary people know so much about the Royals. What if random strangers know everything about you and you didn’t even know them.

Sophomore Milena Albertson says, “I honestly think it is a little strange that people know so much about the royal family. I feel kind of bad for them in a way even know they created this for themselves.”

Maybe it is a good thing that people are so obsessed with the Royals. Obviously, the question comes to mind, how do they receive so much money a year for being public figures? The true answer is from all of the taxpayers and from their royal engagements. Ordinary people are paying for the glamorous lives of the royals.  Maybe, the whole system is designed for people to be fully captivated with them so the community would not mind that their money is going to them.

According to CNN: Money most of the money that goes directly to the crown estate comes from, “A collection of UK properties and farms that generate hundreds of millions of pounds each year.”

Overall, The Windsors are an extremely wealthy, well-off family that has enough fame and fortune to last for several generations to come but, is it really all worth it to be under the constant spotlight that is the public?

Madelynn Murray