School Walkouts Occurring Across the Country

Students from all the way from Arizona to Maine chose to demonstrate their feelings of Americas high school’s guns legislation, this movement sparked by the Florida school shooting tragedy. The students killed (17) just before the shooting had taken part of a school drill the day before. Many walkouts last 17 Minutes in their honor. The walkouts also occurred in many cities including Chicago to Pittsburgh to Austin, Texas, most times at lunch hour. The kids protest include chanting “Never again” including many students saying they “do not feel safe at school” and want voters to tighten gun laws in hopes to make schools safer according to students. Some principals of the schools allowed these walkouts and let students participate. Schools in cities and many urban areas are already changing their security staff including NY where  the state Sheriffs' Association said Thursday “New York should fund at least one armed school resource officer in every school in the state.”

Guy Davis