Trump and Kim: Denuclearisation Meeting

One of the most historic announcements of Donald Trump’s presidency yet has been announced! President Trump plans to meet with the infamous leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un. The invitation to meet was made by the North Korean leader.

    It’s been stated that the meeting is going to be consist of talks of denuclearization. This will hopefully put many Americans concerns about the increasing tensions at ease. Senior Lily Lockwood stated, “This is really, really good news. Everyone has been worried about what is going to potentially happen between the two countries because of all of the negative comments the two leaders have made to each other and the way the media portrays it. But, it seems like this could end really well and change the relationship we have with North Korea!”

It’s been stated that several countries are glad that these discussions will take place, including China, Russia and South Korea.

This news makes diplomatic history, considering a few months ago the president was mocking this leader as a “little rocket man”, and the NK leader promised to destroy the United State's. However, this is a monumental step considering the decades of enmity and prospects seem positive!



Sarah-Elizabeth Leveque