Local Man Mildly Upset

September 6, 2018 - A local man expressed today his discontent with the issues plaguing spaghetti sauce and the consumption thereof. Xristos Papageorgiou of Huntington Station, commented, “Sometimes, I’m eating spaghetti, and like, a meatball just falls on my shirt and gets sauce everywhere. It’s not cool, dude”.

According to the victim, the sauce ruined a light gray t-shirt, a tablecloth, and his enjoyment of dinner.

It does not seem to be an event that causes great distress upon oneself, yet the slight frustrations of consuming spaghetti are enough to mildly perturb an individual. Taking into consideration the inherent messiness of the red sauce paired with the flaccidity of the noodles, as well as the shape of the meatballs, one might think that the risks of consuming a spaghetti dinner would be more well recognized.

Due to the aforementioned issues, Mr. Papageorgiou was mildly upset at this event. However, it is believed that the bad mood was alleviated within a short period of time by an amusing GIF on Reddit. Herein lies the true value of the internet. The ability to distract us from the annoying and frustrating things in life, and forget our problems.

Christopher Benincase