Solar Pandas in Datong

Day by day solar energy is starting to seem like a more viable solution for sustainable power. In china, this notion has become a reality. Panda Green Energy, one of the leading solar panel companies located within Datong county, has constructed two major solar panel farms in the shape of one of the regions indigenous species. The Panda.

The giant solar “Panda” is considered a national treasure. Spanning 248 acres and made up of thousands of solar panels it's easy to see why it is able to generate so much power. Over 100 megawatts to be exact. A single megawatt can power an astounding 1000 homes. The average coal plant can only power at most 600 homes.

While Solar panels appear to be good for the environment in the long run they are only able to operate at peak performance for 30 years. After this deadline china is expected to have a large influx of solar panel waste. It is hard to dispose of these panels due to them containing harmful chemicals such as Sulfuric acid. Sulfuric acid is both caustic and corrosive leaving it to be bad for the environment as well as the surrounding people.

As solar energy is becoming more popular there are many hoops it will have to jump through before it becomes mainstream, both economic and environmental. I don't believe we will be seeing anything like this within the US anytime soon but I am optimistic in the coming years for new forms of environmentally friendly forms of vitality.

Liam SweeneyComment