Egyptian Security Forces on the Lookout for Terrorism Before the Holidays

In recent news it was reported that Egyptian security forces killed 40 suspected terrorists in raids that were located in the Giza and North Sinai regions early Saturday. State media also later reported that four innocent people were killed due to a roadside bomb banged into a tourist bus in Giza. It was reported that these raids begun at dawn and singled out three suspected hideouts of terrorists groups who were planning terrorists acts during the holidays.

Protection against terrorism in Egypt

Protection against terrorism in Egypt

When interviewing Mackenzie Jones, she said, “This such a sad story and such a big issue in this part of the world.” These terrorists were attempting to ruin locals holidays with acts of terrorism. Many firearms, ammunition and explosive weapons were recovered from these hideouts in extremely large numbers. The raids were ordered due to the hostile events that have been occurring in this part of the world. There was an abundance of attempted planning of terrorists attacks targeting police and Christian houses of worship, tourism industry, armed forces, economy, and many state institutions. There was an attack Friday in a tourist area of Giza, exactly where the pyramids are located. During this attack three Vietnamese tourists were killed along with and Egyptian tour guide. During this attack it is reported that at least 11 people were severely injured during the attack on Friday in Giza.

When recently interviewing Allison Brown, she said, “This area of the world has to come up with a way to decrease the number of terrorists attacks.” The explosive device was found exploded in a hidden area on El-Maryoutiya Street near a wall in Giza’s touristy area. No one has yet to claim responsibility for this improvised explosive. Many were deeply saddened by this attack. It is crucial that they find a way to eliminate these prominent terrorists attacks.

When interviewing Simarleen Rana, she stated that, “It is sad that  many people have died, especially before the holidays. I can only imagine how sad the victims’ families must feel. People really should try to think of better ways to protect themselves from terrorists.” Recently, Vietnam’s Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, Pham Binh Minh, was describing how, “deeply saddened” he was from this tragedy. Ahmed Hafez, Egyptian foreign ministry spokesman referred to this  bombing incident as, “a despicable, cowardly terrorist act” in a tweet that he posted on twitter following the incident. He also later said, “We extend our sincere condolences to the victims' families in Vietnam and Egypt. We will continue to move towards a new year of determination to root out terrorism.” Families in Vietnam and Egypt had to go through so much before the holidays and these attacks affected families all over these areas. The US State Department stated, “We stand with all Egyptians in the fight against terrorism and support the Egyptian government in bringing the perpetrators of this attack to justice.” Terrorism is a big issue world wide and we have to work together and protect each other from it.

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