Unexpected effects of the Government Shutdown

It’s been two weeks since the U.S. Government has been partially shut down, and there’s no sign of it coming to a close. Though you would think that federal workers would be the only ones affected, that’s actually not true. There are many unforeseen effects that this shutdown could have on the average everyday person. Sophomore Ella Lau says, “When you think ‘Government Shutdown’, you don’t really think about the effects it could have on smaller things. No one realizes how much this can affect your average person until you look on the news and see how everything's changed.”  

National Parks Shut Down

Many National Parks have been forced to shut down due to lack of workers. Yosemite National Park has had to make due without trash cans and bathrooms. The eventual build up of trash and other results of brazen people has forced parts of the park to close, including the “All Snow Play Areas.” Dakota Snider, a woman who has lived in Yosemite Valley for years, says,  "It's a free-for-all. It's so heartbreaking. There is more trash and human waste and disregard for the rules than I've seen in my four years living here." Other parks that were shut down for similar reasons are Joshua Tree and Pinnacles National Park in California. Personnel shortages are also a source for a few shut downs, like Yellowstone National Park and Arches and Canyon lands in Utah.

Smithsonian Museums and National Zoo Close

Starting on January 2nd, every Smithsonian Museum will be closed until the partial government shutdown ends. These institutions rely on government funds from the Interior Department, but that section has yet to be funded. They have been using fund from previous years to keep their doors open, but sadly it wasn’t enough to stay open for long. Smithsonian spokesperson Linda St. Thomas comments, "It's really disappointing for our public because we know so many people come to Washington with plans to visit the Smithsonian museums, which are free, and they really plan on that being a part of their visit to the city."

No More Loans

Due to the Federal Shutdown, many government agencies that previously gave out loans for home buyers are unable to do so anymore. USA Today reports that, “The Small Business Administration also won't be able to process loan applications that startups and small-business owners use to get funding.” Shannon Van Sant of National Public Radio said that new housing development grants and housing quality inspections may be delayed.  The Department of Agriculture also reported that they, “won’t be issuing any new rural development loans, which are designed to aid , business and utility development in rural areas.” So, if you’re looking to get a loan for something, now’s really not the time.

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