The Finale of Teens’ Lives In the United States

Approximately 450 people in 33 states have been confirmed of having lung related illnesses due to the rising vaping epidemic around the country. 

Studies made on the connection between vaping and illnesses from the lungs show that the epidemic has always been present, but has not been exposed until recently. The question is, why now, are all these people getting sick, and sadly even dying from vaping? In theory is that Vitamin E, which is a common substance found in electronic cigarettes, can completely damage a lung if inhaled.

Out of all the studies and tests that were run to determine what could possibly be inside of this oily, vaporized substance, they discovered something. The oil that is contained in the cartridge in the electronic cigarettes had certain types of thickeners that also helped preserve the solution. According to BuzzFeed, “The vaping mixtures were off, containing too much propylene glycol or glycerol oils that vaping flavors or ingredients...could cause “lipoid pneumonia” where fat particles bombard the lungs and trigger inflammation.”

Among the teen and young adult population, using a THC vape is very common, but also much more dangerous. In the liquid THC cartridge, there are many chemicals known as terpenes that could deliver the taste of marijuana to the young user’s taste buds. It was recorded that of the five patients that fell ill and were suddenly rushed to WakeMed hospital in Raleigh, they were using an electronic cigarettes or THC pens before getting sick. 

Recent studies conducted at the Mayo Clinic report that, “All 17 of our cases show a pattern of injury in the lung that looks like a toxic chemical exposure, a toxic chemical fume exposure, or a chemical burn injury.” There are so many unidentified types of chemicals in vaping products that according to the New York Times, the lungs of a deceased vape user looked as if that person was exposed to toxic fumes in an industrial chemical spill for years straight. 

The disturbing reality about this ongoing vaping epidemic is that the people of this country are repeating history. According to BuzzFeed, in the years from 2005-2012, smoking cigarettes became the leading cause of death throughout the United States. However, all those users of cigarettes became so addicted to inhaling a thick dark cloud of tar and other chemicals that this statistic did not stop a single person. If this vaping situation is not controlled soon, the same exact thing will begin to happen and the vapers of America will just become another statistic.

Daniel BensonComment