Why You Should Know Who Greta Thunberg Is

In just one year, Greta has invigorated hundreds of millions of people. She has been written about and/or interviewed by virtually every major English-speaking news outlet. She has her own Ted Talk which has been viewed almost 3.5 million times and translated into 32 languages. She inspired millions of young people to participate in the Global Climate   Strike and walk out of school on September 20. Then, the following week, she spoke to the U.S Congress and the U.N General Assembly.

She is not driven by a desire for fame. She does not seek to be believed. She is simply, and determinedly, asking that we study the science and take notice of it. 

Greta is compelling with her words, slow-spoken, and intensely passionate. She is vegan, she won't fly. She puts the planet first. In her intense stare, she forces us to look inward, and feel the need to do better.

Speaking with her Aspergers, she is conspicuously angry and frustrated, honest and authentic, dedicated and motivated. These qualities don’t often show up together in a single human being.

Greta is calling for political action, but not endorsing any particular politics. The only “side” she is taking is the side of the planet and its future generations. 

Greta is young, and adults are rightly being reprimanded by a child who is facing the potential degradation of the world in her lifetime. 

Sophia Ruisi1 Comment