Devastating Flood Attacks Northeast of Australia

Floods, cyclones, hailstorms, bush fires, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. These are the main hazards in Australia. In Australia major floods in  isolated towns, disrupt infrastructure and cause death. They also can cause widespread damage to house and business premises as well as losses in agriculture are common. In this case, the floods are the reason why the people who live in Australia are losing their homes.

The city of Townsville, Queensland is  the most affected with this natural disaster. These cities are underwater, leaving residents without power and some of them are still seeking for safety on the roofs of their homes.

In addition, the intense  rain is not helping the people who live in these cities so the rain forced the authorities to open the floodgates of the nearby Ross River dam to ease the pressure. It released around 1.900 cubic meters of water per second downriver. Hundred of homes have already inundated.

Australia is infamous for its dangerous animals with more deadly snakes than any other country. Therefore, due to the intense floods, there have been numerous sightings of crocodiles and snakes being swept along with the floodwaters making worse the situation for the terrified residents.

Local resident Gresham Ross told News that the floodwaters are the highest he’s seen in 30 years of living in the area. “You just can’t believe how much water has come down from the Ross River,” he said.  Another resident Erin Hahn told the broadcaster she spotted a freshwater crocodile in front of her father’s house. It is surprising how these people are facing these critical situations and how they are trying to fix things so they can resume their lives.

Josue GreenComment