Tragic Fire In a Boarding School in Liberia Leaving 27 Dead

In recent news, a day of mourning is occurring in Liberia after a school fire killed 27 children. Liberia has announced a national day of mourning for this tragic event that took place at a religious boarding school outside Monrovia, the Liberian capital. The children of this school were sleeping in a building that is attached to a mosque at an islamic school. This school in Paynesville City, Liberia caught fire Tuesday at approximately 11 pm. 

When interviewing Kieran Tully, he said, “It’s crazy to think that kids who just went to sleep one night at a boarding school later died, probably with no reculation of the fire.” The children, that were mostly as young as 10, were unable to escape the building due to there being no fire exit and the steel security bars on the windows. It made it impossible to escape, leaving the children trapped.  When interviewing Victoria Bell, she said, “The fact that there wasn’t one emergency exit makes it evident to question, was it even possible for them to escape?” As stated by authorities, the fire began in the front of the building, which made it impossible to escape. 

When interviewing Mackenzie Jones, she said, “I can’t believe there was no way for the children to escape.” Among the dead are also two teachers. In the meantime, there are still two survivors fighting for their lives in a local hospital in Liberia. The two survivors remain in critical condition at this local hospital. 

The president of Liberia has stated that he will launch an investigation to figure out what really started this fire. The dead were buried 24 hours after their death, following the Islamic funeral rites. 

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