1,300 people are missing weeks after a tragic Hurricane, Dorain hit the Bahamas

The number of missing people from the recent hurricane has dropped significantly to 1,300 people. This hurricane was one of the worst storms the archipelago has ever faced. Finding more people was a bit of good news after this tragedy. Last Wednesday, the government stated that the number of missing was about 2,500 but after going through cross-referencing databases, the government came to a conclusion and revised the amount of missing to 1,300. When talking to Kieran Tully about this disaster he said, “The fact that 1,300 people are missing after this hurricane must leave the people of these islands terrified.”

This hurricane, Dorian flattened homes, destroying where people live and leaving many in panic. Officials have stated this hurricane has killed at least 50 people. It is predicted that the death rates will go up as search and rescue teams make their way into the ruins in the Grand Bahama and Abaco Islands. When interviewing, Allison Brown she said, “It's so important to have rescue teams during these times helping people and searched the areas of the islands.” 

The hurricane tore through the islands at a category 5 strength. Almost 70,000 people lost everything within the first sweep of the hurricane. All throughout the island, people are in need of shelter, food, and water. Rescue teams are on high alert and are greatly needed for the people suffering from this disaster. When interviewing Victoria Bell, she said, “I can't believe 70,000 people lost homes and everything they have ever owned, this is so sad.” The Prime Minister has announced a national prayer service to be held on September 18 to remember the lives of those who were lost. Flags will be flown during this service at half-staff. The grief that has followed this tragedy will be unbearable to many of the people who have lost homes, families, and friends.

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