Kevin’s Rad Picks NFL Week 11

Welcome to Kevin’s Rad Picks, a (hopefully) weekly article where I pick my picks for the week in the NFL. Yes, I know it's already week 11, but I’m only just starting to care now as we start to get a sense of who's actually good. Also, I am a perfect 0-0 on predictions this year so you can definitely trust me.

Tennessee @ Pittsburgh(-7): Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is famous for playing down to their opponents level. However, the Titans gave up 261 passing yards to a washed up Joe Flacco, so semi-washed up Ben Roethlisberger should have no problem dismantling the Titans defense with Antonio Brown and co.

Kansas City(-10.5) @ New York Giants: Kansas City

San Fran beat the Giants 31-21 last week… do I need to say anything else?

Detroit(-3) @ Chicago: Chicago

Bears love playing a conservative game with Trubisky throwing the ball. This week that all changes. I feel that the bears will completely change their game plan and allow Trubisky to show what he's made off. ALL HAIL MARY'S, ALL FOR TOUCHDOWNS. He’ll really show he's 100% better than that injury prone Deshaun Watson.

Baltimore(-2)  @ Green Bay: Green Bay

The Ravens are coming off a bye week which means they will definitely be extremely slow and out of shape. Joe Flacco stinks and unless the Packers defense completely falls apart, it's a sure dub for the people’s team.

Jacksonville(-7.5) @ Cleveland: Cleveland

Point spread. And also I have a feeling the Browns stick it to all the haters and dab on them with their first win since week 16 of 2016.

Arizona(-1) @ Houston: Arizona

Deshaun Watson slipped. I take Cards.

Los Angeles Rams @ Minnesota(-2.5): Minnesota

This is a huge game and will be a true testament as to who is really, like actually, good. I'm going with the Vikings because the game’s in Minnesota and it's going to be near freezing. I don't know if you know, but it's pretty warm in LA and I think the Rams aren't prepared for the cold yet. They haven't played in a cold environment yet and I think the Vikings take advantage of that.

Washington @ New Orleans(-7.5):Washington

Point spread, again. The Saints are good, but Washington isn't terrible. Washington almost beat a very good Vikings team last week and could carry that momentum into this week. As long as RGIII isn't throwing the ball, they have a good chance to at least keep it close against the Saints.

Tampa Bay @ Miami(-3): Miami

This is a tough one. Both offenses stink to high heaven and both were just on long losing streaks. I'm going with Miami because even though Jay Cutler is a terrible, washed up QB, Ryan Fitzpatrick is a nobody who only plays for terrible teams like the Jets and Bucs. My bottom three starting QBs are as follows: 1. Jay Cutler 2. Ryan Fitzpatrick 3. Brock Osweiler. While there's not much of a difference between the three of them, Cutler just slightly pulls out ahead of the pack. Also the Miami Hurricanes are back on top which heavily influences my pick here.

Buffalo @ Los Angeles Chargers(-4): Chargers

As much as I love Billsmafia, There's no bouncing back after 47 straight points against.

New England(-6.5) @ Oakland: New England

They almost lost to Miami last week and they are a turnover machine. Take the Pats and thank me later.

Cincinnati @ Denver(-2.5): Cincinnati

Remember a couple picks ago where I gave my three worst QBs? Well, Brock “The Literal Rock” Osweiler is starting at QB this week for Denver. Denver is dead last in turnover differential at -14, meaning Cincinnati’s goons on defense will prey all over Brock’s terrible arm.

Philadelphia(-3.5) @ Dallas: Philadelphia

The Eagles are actually good and the whole city of Philadelphia is letting us know. Wentz is Ginger Jesus until they will ultimately blow it in the playoffs against New England and go back to being a terrible franchise with terrible fans. However, for this week, Philly should have no problem against an Elliot-less Dallas offense.

Atlanta @ Seattle(-3): Seattle

“*COUGH* *CHOKE* *COUGH*”- Atlanta Falcons. Sorry, but Atlanta will never win a close game again after last year’s Super Bowl choke party.

So, those are my picks! See you (hopefully) next week!

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Kevin Ries