The Worst Super Bowl in New York History

If you live in the beautiful state of New York, you’d know how much pride comes with the success of our local teams. The “City of Champions” always boasts its total of 29 World Series Championships, 5 Super Bowl victories, 4 NBA championships, 8 Stanley Cups, and a championship in almost any other sport that you could possibly think of. This city lives and breathes sports. It’s a part of New York culture, and quite frankly that will more than likely never change. Ever.

But if you are a true New York sports fan, then you most definitely know that we New Yorkers HATE Philadelphia and Boston with a burning passion. We want nothing more than for the Red Socks, Phillies, Celtics, 76ers, Flyers, Penguins, and the Bruins to lose in the most gruesome and disappointing fashion. But the two teams that take the cake for the most hate in this city are the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots. Giants fans almost take pride in the fact that the Eagles have never won a Super Bowl, and Jets fans hate Tom Brady’s model-like smile and his pinpoint precision and accuracy. And as disappointing as it is to say this, the most horrific and disgusting New York nightmare has come true. The Eagles and the Patriots are in the championship while both the Jets and Giants missed the playoffs. It most certainly cannot get any worse than this.

The Patriots juggernaut of an offense carried by Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Brandon Cooks, and Dion Lewis looks to take on the Eagles defense which is ranked number two in the league in total defense. This will no doubt be one of the more competitive contests that we have seen in recent years, and although the majority of people in New York are far from being fond of this matchup, they will absolutely be tuned in.

Prior to asking a few Jets and Giants fans of who they want to win the “big game,” I kinda already predicted that the Giants fans would want the Patriots to win and the Jets fans would want the Eagles to win. And after hearing the responses it’s safe to say that my prediction was pretty accurate. Nick Viggiano, a Giants fan since birth, said, “I want the Pats to win. I absolutely hate the Eagles, obviously because I’m a Giants fan, and I seriously think it won’t even be close. And even though I despise him, if Brady wins he is the greatest quarterback of all time. “ I also confronted Jets fan Jack Blitch. He wanted the Eagles to win and conveyed a similar argument that almost all fan bases had in mind against the Pats. “Tom Brady, you’re already tied with the most Super Bowls and you’re 40. Why do you need another one?”

Although this game will be so unbearably painful to watch, it will most definitely be one of the more entertaining championships that have recently happened in the world of sports.

Christian Mullings