What Giancarlo Stanton Trade Means for New York's Culture

New York. The city that never sleeps. The place that breeds the heart of champions. New York has been the pinnacle of cities in relation to sports. In every sport, each team that comes from here is iconic to this day. The biggest team of all of them, the New York Yankees have once again established themselves as the empire of Major League Baseball. If you ask why then you must be living under a rock because earlier this week, the Yankees and the Marlins agreed to terms to send powerhouse slugger Giancarlo Stanton over to the Big Apple.

Now, if you know me, then you know I’m not necessarily a baseball person. I find the games to be slow and quiet with the exception being when a home run is shot into the stands. This sends the whole crowd as well as your living room into a frenzy filled with cheers and shouts of pure excitement. The thing is, no matter what sport you are interested in when you live in this state, you know about the Yankees. With legends such as Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez holding much influence over the city you can’t help but to know at least a little bit about New York baseball.

This trade. This trade is a game changer, but not only for the baseball fans in New York, but for the culture of New York as well. Growing up during the time when the Yanks’ last won the World Series in 2009, no matter where you are you ALWAYS can find somebody wearing a Yankee hat. In this state it was inevitable that you’d stumble upon this. With something like this happening, don’t be surprised if you see the city streets as well as our own high school flooded with Yankee hats, Judge and Stanton Jerseys, and T-shirts with different varieties of Yankee spirit.

This team filled our home with so much pride. This city is home to the most championships in MLB history. 27 series won on the biggest stage of the fall. And honestly, we can really say that there’s a chance that this can change to 28 championships next year. Paired with the hard hitting AL Rookie of the Year, 2017 Home Run Derby Champion, 2017 Silver Slugger, and 1 time All-Star Aaron Judge, playoff game changer Didi Gregorious, an ace of a pitcher in Masahiro Tanaka, and more, Stanton and the Yankees are poised to make a deep playoff run as well as become contenders for the World Series in the next coming season. Las Vegas actually has them winning the series with the best odds out of every team in the league (5-1).

Chris Sheehan, a baseball fan in Harborfields said, “The Yankees are so overpowered. They have a serious  chance at beating the Red Sox for the AL East title. As for the World Series, they have a chance but there are a lot of contenders out there.”Another opinion I heard stems from Mathew Didominico, an avid Yankees fan. “This move is definitely going to fill seats in Yankee Stadium. Although we’re adding more than 50 home runs to the rotation and putting this team in serious position to get to the World Series, the money would probably be better if it was used towards a pitcher.” He isn’t wrong. But the thing is with such a force coming to the team, it honestly doesn’t matter. This team is an offensive juggernaut that will put runs upon runs on the scoreboard. The Yankees are up and coming and are ready to take on everybody in the MLB in hopes of bringing a title back to the city of champions. After a move like this, there truly is only one thing left to say. Ladies and Gentlemen, New York baseball is back.

Chris Mullings