The Football Coach That Never Punts

In Little Rock, Arkansas, Kevin Kelley and the Pulaski Academy Bruins play a different kind of football than everyone else. Coach Kelley play the game like nobody has seen, they don't punt, they don't kick field goals and they only go for onside kicks.

Coach Kelley and the Bruins don't practice punting or kickoffs they are 5-time Arkansas 5a state champs. They average winning by 28 points. Trick plays and the confidence to go for it all play bing factors into the successful seasons in the past years. Kelley has read studies about the percentages about the chances of going for it , coach Kelley has a different mindset than other coaches. His philosophy on the game was recognized as the 33rd best invention on times magazine's best inventions in 2009.

After studying college football for years he found out that teams that force more turnovers than turnovers they committed won 80 percent of the games he wanted a system that works with committing less penalties. Finding the percentage of trick plays help when 2 people touch the ball which is a typical hand off or pass teams gain around 20 yards only 10 percent of the time but if 3 or more players touch the ball for a trick play there is an 20 percent chance teams gain 20 or more yards. Kelley finding trick plays that works is hard but practicing for a team that expects trick plays can help his team by allowing them to run plays.

Trick plays are more about the deception of the defense rather that design of different plays. The key of Kelley’s trick plays are his level of confidence, he has told opposing coaches in the past that the first play of the game will be a trick play and they have worked in the past.

An unorthodox way of playing the sport and maybe even changing the way the game is played forever.

Liam PrentisComment